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OELP: Welkom


The hot and sweaty weather saddles Zigmund with a permanent urge to cool down in the water. David Hockney’s images of swimming pools swarm before his eyes like fata morganas. Peter is not getting out of Nicks pool. He hangs there with his strong muscled arms, enjoying the sun, almost like a pool ladder. Half in the water, half out. Sometimes he moves a little bit to the right, sometimes to the left. It’s a summer day that may last forever…

And then Zigmund needs a little step to reach the high kitchen cabinets, where the dusty cocktail glasses are. And suddenly it hits him, like a summer storm.                                                                                            The repugnancy of that object seems so obvious and it triggers his imagination immediately.                                                                             That day, that feeling is the start of the creation of a step that brings that smooth summer vibe in the house.

Shape, color and design of the OELP step directly reflect that summery picture perfect. Peter’s strong arms become universal legs. Zigmund created the OELP step to use in every way one can think of, following need, inspiration or place. To make this story complete, he lets the step interact with another object, a lamp. It brings the sun to every room of the house with the same elegance. At the same time, the lamp hides wall sockets and can be used upwards or downwards, whenever whatever needs a gleam.

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