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Chill Chair: Welkom


Zigmund was a wild kid. He grew up deep in the woods amongst the trees where the calming force of nature grew upon him like a second skin. It became his second nature. In every movement he made, in everything he did, Zigmund Pront searched the peace of natural forms, colors, waves and breaths. And time after time, it took his breath away. Time went by and Zigmund travelled all over the world. A world inhabited by other people, by cars and buildings, by bricks and stainless steel.

He became adept at the sound of the city. Zigmund was still a wild kid with nonetheless metropolitan noise on his mind.

He had to reconcile his roots and current whereabouts, the woods and the concrete jungle, nature and nurture. 

This became an opportunity to explore the essence of that energy and translate it into objects that feel as organic as nature itself. The Chill Chair was a result of that study.  The soul of nature recurs in its form, implementation and material. The reflection of the material used for the chill chairs recalls the strong personality of the wild and the uncut, which evokes a massive impact through all kinds of minuscule actions. In every environment, the chairs gently reflect that charm in a subtle way. Instead of mostly horizontal city movements, the chairs slowly bend in organic ways along with the body it carries, or merely by the blowing of the wind.                                                       These chairs chill and cradle. They wobble and waggle. They rock. 

To keep the design pure and simple, there is no use of mechanical joints. In nature, every movement has its purpose.

The two elements of the chairs keep each other in balance. The way these elements are folded, determines the internal force. The chill chairs are also rocking chairs, which has a calming and meditating result, just like nature does. Its light impression brings elegance to the claimed space.

Zigmunds ultimate goal is to bring the chairs back to where they belong, back to nature. Hence, the chill chairs can be perfectly used outdoors.

They interact and communicate with the plants and trees and finally become cohabitants.

Chill Chair: Galerij

Photography: Merel T'hart

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