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It was on a cold and bold winter night, on the outskirts of a lakeside town in a country tucked away between rivers and mountains, that Zigmund Pront was born.

It was dead quiet when he took his first deep breath in the heat of a squeamish room where his mum and dad were baffled by the sight of

this fresh and grand but small new human being.
Zigmund himself did not make one sound.

Two pairs of piercing blue eyes, two perfectly shaped mouths, four arms and four little legs filled the room with magic and awe.
The single vibration one could perceive, was the double bass of two pounding hearts.
Du-dum. Du-dum. Du-dum.
That was the night, when Zigmund Pront came to earth. 


Zigmund Pront is the alter ego of the Brussels based design duo

Britt Pevernagie and Annelies Veys.

Britt picked up the art of cohesion, analysis of constraints, proportions and shapes as an architect. In discussions and collaboration with Annelies, owner and creator of garden suites LEON°16 (Brussels), she found a complementary partner to make creations stronger.                             Annelies creates spheres in a very intuitive way.

Her ideas and designs are pure and simple, hinting at her roots in the country life.

Together they focus on design with the same urge to go to the essence of unpretentious beauty. They continuously push each other to the next level.

Together they more than double their strength and the sum of their parts is

Zigmund Pront.

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